Prose Fanfiction.


...(The Sword of Truth) Nicholas the Slide chooses a strange woman to be his guest.
complete, 2011


Fraternizing With the Enemy
...(Harry Potter) Fred and George Weasley come upon an unlikely source of help in starting their business, but there is much more to this source than at first appears.
incomplete, 2006-2011


Immortal Memories (part one)
...(Harry Potter) A strangely beautiful Russian exchange student arrives at Hogwarts, and with her dark secret she will change some of her classmates' lives forever.
complete, 2009


Immortal memories (part two)
...(Harry Potter) Professor Valentine introduces Alchemy. But she has second thoughts when she is reunited with Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, and turns to a most unlikely source for advice.
work in progress, 2011-present


The Times That Never Were
...(Harry Potter) Harry has a strange dream.
complete, 2009


Kyo and the Post-it Note
...(Fruits Basket) Kyo discovers Post-it notes.
complete, 2008


...(Fruits Basket) Shigure's house suddenly has two new guests that can scare even the head of the Sohma family.
incomplete, 2005


The Runaway
...(Yu Yu Hakusho) A new adventure awaits Youko when he crosses the boundary into the human world.
complete, 2002



Poetry Fanfiction.


...(Harry Potter) A view on Lucius Malfoy from Draco's point of view.
complete, 2007



Song Fanfiction.


...(Steel Angel Kurumi) Disturbed's “Darkness.” Kurumi tries to help Saki through a battle with her heart.
complete, 2005


Can't Believe
...(Harry Potter) Staind's “Can't Believe.” Draco mourns Hermione's death at her gravesite.
complete, 2005





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