Dungeons & Dragons.


(9.1.16) I have been playing Dungeon's & Dragons on and off for many years now, and I am usually the scribe for my groups, documenting our adventures. Recently, I decided to embellish the stories and write them in style! You may see stories told from the following characters' perspectives:

(Descriptions in the works...Elena is mine, can you tell?)

Dor - dwarf battlemaster, always wears full plate armor, has an unhealthy obsession with doors.

Elena Tel - half size human (not halfling) about 2ft 11in; tan; long brown hair, braided; ice blue eyes; usually dressed in green and brown leathers. Crossbow expert. Trusts easily. Loyal to her friends, especially to Jeroth, whom she feels closest to.

Green - elf monk, recently out of seclusion, enjoys fountain showers and long walks in the woods.

Jeroth - halfling druid, raised by wolves; fierce, independent, would rather sleep under the stars than in a bed. On a years-long quest to find his lost sister.


Turning, Dream (Elena)
...The party changes.
complete, 2016


Journey, Reunion (Elena)
...Friends are reunited.
complete, 2016


Journey, Reunion (Jeroth)
...Druid strikes a deal, returns to the group.
complete, 2016


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